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Cool Gift Ideas

Gifts For People With Everything

If you are struggling to find a gift for someone who has everything, you've come to the right place!

Gifts For People With Everything #1: Make Them A True Owner of Their Favorite Company - Over 100 Companies

social media mogul
now spending time on facebook
makes you money!

Does he/she spend a lot of time on Facebook, chug Starbucks or Budwieser, or love cars, sports or jewelry? Whatever his/her interests, we have a stock to match! The recipient becomes a true shareholder, is entitled to all shareholder perks and gets the authentic registered stock certificate.

Favorites include:

See entire stock list

From $50
at GiveAshare.com

Gifts For People With Everything #2: A Fully Custom Caricature from a Photo in ANY Scene You Want

Is he/she a teacher, golfer, rocket scientist, sports fanatic? Whatever makes them special, can be captured in a caricature. A caricature not only captures their likeness but also their interests, quirks, dreams.

From $99
at GiveAcaricature.com

Gifts For People With Everything #3: A Personal Icon Drawn from a Photo

This icons looks just like them and can include their hobbies or interests. An icon has hundreds of uses - for email signatures, websites/blogs, business cards, invitations and much more

From $49 (1 subject)
at GiveAcaricature.com/Avatars

Gifts For People With Everything #4: Personal Fine Art From A Photo

Turn their favorite photo into a masterpiece for the home or office. Maybe it's the whole family, the kids, a pet, a home, or a cityscape -whatever it is can be turned into a cherished piece of art in their favorite art style. Simply upload a photo and pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch...).

From $50
at GiveAmasterpiece.com