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Cool Gift Ideas

Unique Gifts for Boys & Girls

Whether you're looking for a gift for a boy or a girl, odds are that you've not seen anything like the ideas below. Kids love them because they are unique, fun, and definitely cool

Kids Birthday Gift #1: True One Share Ownership in Over 100 World Famous Companies


Give your child ownership in a brand that they love! Build-A-Bear, Disney, Hershey, Dreamworks, and McDonalds are favorites of younger kids while tweens lean toward companies like Facebook, Manchester United, Nintendo, Nike, and Apple. Your child gets the authentic registered stock certificate and is entitled to all shareholder perks.

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From $50
at GiveAshare.com

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Kids Birthday Gift #2: I'm A Shareholder Kit

Did you know that the average high school senior scored a dismal 48% on financial literacy tests? Yep, that's out of 100! Studies show that the earlier you start teaching kids simple money management skills, the better.

For the cost of a few hamburgers, you can help your boy or girl by getting the I'm A Shareholder Kit. It's an innovative way to teach kids about money and stocks.

The kit includes a coupon for $10 OFF the child's first share of stock. If you really want to do it right, combine the Kit with a share of stock from #1 above.

From $17
at GiveAshare.com

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For Kids Birthday Gift #3: A One-of-a-Kind Caricature from a Photo in ANY Scene You Want

Does she love horses? Does he spend all his time gaming at his computer? Does she dream of being on a Broadway stage, or does he pine for his own car? Whatever makes your kid special, can be captured in a caricature. A caricature not only captures his or her likeness but also things like interests, quirks, dreams, and memories that make this a very personal gift - all in a truly comical and artistic fashion.

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From $99
at GiveAcaricature.com

Kids Birthday Gift #4: A Personal Icon Drawn for the Web Drawn From a Photo

Nowadays kids spend a lot of time on the computer so what better gift than a digital icon that is drawn from a photo and looks just like them. This digital age birthday gift can be used as an email signature, as their icon on websites and blogs, or even printed. Most kids use websites that provide a menu of features in an attempt to piece together an icon that looks like them - we offer the real thing!

From $49 (1 subject)
at GiveAcaricature.com/Avatars

Kids Birthday Gift #5: Personal Fine Art From A Photo

At GiveAmasterpiece.com, you can upload a photo and pick an art style (oil, watercolor, sketch, Lich style...) and our artists turn it into fine art for your home.

From $50
at GiveAmasterpiece.com

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