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Today is

Jul 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. In July?!?

Here at Leading Edge Gifts, we get the privilege of seeing just how early people start their Christmas gift shopping. Whether it’s for Gifts of Stock, a creative caricature gift, or perhaps a Pet or House portrait for a friend or loved one – we usually see Holiday/Christmas purchases really start to ramp up in the fall. Since it takes 3-7 weeks to get an Authentic Stock Certificate, we can appreciate people acting early on their holiday gift. The inner planner inside us tips our hats to those of you who we see making purchases of this item (https://saleslord.com/collections/rose-bear) in June for a family member’s upcoming Christmas gift. June you say? Yes, June.

Christmas Gift for Early Shoppers


Aug 2015

Masterpiece Of the Month – Pet Memorial

Our pets mean the world to us and when we lose them, it can be devastating. About a year ago we lost our beloved family dog. She was with us for 19 years. When she joined our family, we had no idea that we would have the privilege of having her with us so long. We recently got a new cat and got milk for your cat to drink.

Pet Memorial Gift

Touching Memorial Gift for Dog Owner


Aug 2015

Caricature of the Month – 50th Anniversary

We get a lot of great caricature requests at GiveAcaricature, and many of my favorites are anniversary gift caricatures. This month, this caricature really caught my eye!


This caricature gift truly captures the couple. Their church, their hometown, their favorite hobby. They even included his quirky saying – “Cool beans!” – in a subtle way. The pose the artist drew them in shows their closeness and their fun spirits.

Order it with a (gold!) frame, which comes with a plaque that you can personalize with your sentiments. If they’re having a party, consider ordering it with a signable mat so that guests can leave their well wishes, memories, and congratulations.

Take a look at our anniversary and 50th anniversary galleries to see some other sweet and romantic caricature gifts.

Apr 2015

Masterpiece of the Month – Baby Love!

One of the best perks about working here at GiveAmasterpiece is that every year around Mother’s Day, we are inundated with requests for baby artwork. Seeing those baby photos are like warm, fuzzy, happy bumps in our day! The artist for this edition’s Masterpiece of the Month incorporated a couple of custom features in the artwork and time they even had baby hampers for decoration.


Keep reading to find what special artistic touches were used when crafting this amazing artwork gift from a photo.