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Wedding Save The Date Ideas

He popped the question, the ring is on your finger, and the date and location have been set, now what?  Time to tell the world!

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Your first step will be to determine your guest list and send out your Save the Dates.  A Save the Date announces to all your family and friends the date of your big day and simply asks them to keep that day open especially for you.  As a general rule Save the Dates should be mailed out 6 months before your wedding date and as early as 12-15 months in advance if you have many guests traveling from out of town.  There is some necessary information that should be included on every Save the Date, be sure to clearly state both the bride and grooms names and the wedding date and location. Also make sure to add any other information you feel will assist your guests in making their plans.

There are many styles to choose from but keep in mind that this will be the first thing people see in regards to the style of your wedding so you may want to make them fun, personal and uniquely “you! View Site Here are a few of our favorite Save the Date ideas:

Wedding website – For those going green!  Create a wedding website and announce all the information on the site.  Check out NewAngleDomains.com to buy your domain and get started today!  Several templates are available to easily create a wedding website.  Later you can use your domain name and website to use as your new family email address, post pictures of your wedding, and your life together.

Postcards/photo cards – Many vendors offer some great printed Save the Date cards, check out printized.com for some great ideas and prices!

Save the Date caricatures from GiveACaricature.com – You can put your truly unique Save the Date caricature on a magnet, note card, email, website, puzzle, website, etc. Lots of fun!

Video – Check out this unique and awesome Save the Date of all time!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTqLyCTESjg

4 Responses to “Wedding Save The Date Ideas”

  1. Personalized Koozies says:

    I love the wedding website for going green. It just seems to as special as the actual card invitations. Maybe if more people start doing it, it will catch on.

  2. Virginia Weddings says:

    Right on !! Damn Im becoming hooked on your blog 🙂

  3. Lindsey the FarmVille Girl says:

    Terrific, that’s precisely what I was looking for! You just spared me alot of digging around

  4. Joyce Green says:

    Thanks for the information. I will use it when I plan my wedding (in April next year)