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Masterpiece of the Month

The seasonal change to summer marks the beginning of a period of celebration of love. June has more weddings and anniversaries than any other time of year. For those looking for a special, unique, and memorable gift to give we highly suggest the Oil Brushstrokes style – done in black and white.

Masterpiece of the Month

Happy Valentine’s Day! This month, we’re giving some love to a 2-subject Pencil Sketch.

Masterpiece of the Month

  Featured in this edition’s Masterpiece of the Month is a CARtoon of a 1957 Buick Riviera, 4-door hardtop. Our customer, Don, is a member of the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the Buick Club of America. He happened upon us one day as he was putting together his chapter’s newsletter. The featured classic car is […]

Five Fantastic Pet-Themed Gifts

All of us here at Leading Edge Gifts love pets:  dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, ferrets – you name it! We have had the privilege over the last few weeks of enjoying a guest pooch around the office. She and her cohort have certainly added character to our workplace. Just about daily you can find any […]