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Tag: caricature of the month

Caricature of the Month!

It’s October, so of course this month’s caricature has to have a Halloween theme! This great 50th anniversary gift was made for one of the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers!    Review from the customer:  Awesome to work with and likeness is amazing!

Make it Funny!

I love this police officer caricature! The customer asked the artist to make it funny, and he did just that! Background: WESTERN THEME Scene Description: MUSCLED UP POLICE OFFICER WEARING A LARGE COWBOY HAT HAS A  GUN AND BADGE. MAYBE WITH A SILLY LOOKING HORSE THAT HAS TEETH MISSING. THE POLICE OFFICER CAN BE ARRESTING […]

Caricature of the Month!

A caricature makes a great 1st Anniversary Gift!

Caricature of the Month!

This month’s Caricature of the Month post is a funny retirement caricature!