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Tag: Anniversary Gifts

Caricature of the Month! The Beatles Family Portrait

I have said it before ( and I will probably say it again), but this is officially my favorite caricature of all time! I chuckled  when I saw the scene description asking for a chinchilla in a Ringo Starr wig, but I laughed out loud when I saw the finished the artwork! “I had a […]

Caricature of the Month!

It’s October, so of course this month’s caricature has to have a Halloween theme! This great 50th anniversary gift was made for one of the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers!    Review from the customer:  Awesome to work with and likeness is amazing!

Masterpiece of the Month

We just love it when we are invited to create art from pictures of family members. Some of our favorites are the ones of the furry variety! This month we are featuring two masterpieces — Pet Portraits.

Caricature of the Month!

A caricature makes a great 1st Anniversary Gift!