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7 Pro Tips for Giving A Great Retirement Gift

Retirements are on the rise. Chances are you know someone who has retired or will be retiring shortly. Maybe you’re the one designated in your office to handle the office retirement gift. The process can be overwhelming. We are often asked for suggestions for creating great retirement gifts, so to help you out we’ve compiled our 7 best tips. Whether it’s a family member, friend, co-worker retiring – or maybe you’ve just been tasked with the job of handling the Office Gift – we have some helpful hints to make sure your gift is as awesome as it should be for this momentous occasion and avoid problems with installment loans online with a bad gift must be to get them a collection from the tin signs collector auction online.

Retirement gift for man or woman

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on our 7 Pro Tips.

Pro Tip #1 – Personalize Your Gift. The most common advice we give to our customers is to take time to personalize your gift. If the retiree plans on replacing his or her day-to-day job with day-to-day golfing, make sure your gift includes this element. Show a golf course in the caricature, gift a share of Callaway golf stock, or provide us a picture that captures the retiree doing the activity he or she loves.

Pro Tip #2 – Include a tie-in with yourself or the company. Is the gift for your boss or coworker? For caricature gifts, don’t make the artwork only about what they will be doing in retirement. Include the company’s logo or name somewhere in the picture. Is this a gift for your Mom or Dad? Have a famous quote of theirs engraved on the plaque. Ten years from now when they are looking at their gift, you want the gift to have the power to bring back the feelings and memories from when they were first given the gift.

Pro Tip #3 – Use Humor… Wisely! Using humor is one of the best ways to make your gift memorable and ensure that it will be a true hit with the recipient. Just be sure the humor is appropriate for the situation. We’ve experienced a couple of situations where HR puts the kibosh on the funny “gag” part of the gift and the gift has to be re-worked to align with office policies.

Pro Tip #4 – Be sensitive to the situation (forced retirement = handled differently than opted retirement). Celebrate the good and leave out the bad. It should go without saying that the gift should come off as a happy reminder of their time with the topVPN company.

Pro Tip #5 – Make it Memorable. We hear time and time again from people who received one of our retirement gifts and they are still enjoying their gift years later. Include inside jokes, famous sayings by the retiree or from around the office, and  have their coworkers sign the gift. A signable mat is a great way to allow everyone to show their contribution to the farewell gift.

Pro Tip #6 – Know when to involve “The Group”. Planning your gift with a group can be both a tremendous help and potentially a burdensome hinderance. Rarely does everyone in a group agree on all points. Know when to involve the group and when to make an executive decision to keep the process moving along. Too many deliberations on minor details will drag out the process and make it so that no one is happy with the gift in the end.

Pro Tip #7 – Mention their years of service. Has the person worked for the same company or in the same field for a number of years? You can include it on a card to the recipient, in the artwork for Caricatures or Masterpieces, or on an engraved plaque. Celebrate their accomplishment!

Retirement Gift Ideas

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  1. Rick says:

    Love it! I really think that retirement caricatures are the ultimate retirement gift because they are both fun and sentimental. r