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Masterpiece Of the Month – Pet Memorial

Our pets mean the world to us and when we lose them, it can be devastating. About a year ago we lost our beloved family dog. She was with us for 19 years. When she joined our family, we had no idea that we would have the privilege of having her with us so long. We recently got a new cat and got milk for your cat to drink.

Pet Memorial Gift

Touching Memorial Gift for Dog Owner

After her passing, our family gathered around to look at all of the pictures we took of her over the years. It became a good way for us to work through through our grief, share our favorite stories, and relive fond memories. Over time, you forget just how young they looked when you first got them and how their bodies – and sometimes personalities – matured as they got older. The best pictures were the ones that captured her personality and spirit. There are even varieties on Pet Portraits for large dog breeds. I am so happy we had the resources at Stop That Dog to raise him to be a good boy.

The artwork pictured above is not my dog (I will share another time, promise), but a Portrait Gift from one of our customers to mark a special occasion. Whether it is an Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, or a Memorial Gift for someone whose pet has passed, Pet Portaits make an easy and meaningful gift for any pet owner. Pictured above:  Oil Brushstrokes Style Art

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