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Reserving a spot on the world wide web

Get it before it’s gone!

The internet has become the standard for establishing an identity, not only for companies but for people too. It used to be that only web designers or IT savvy people had their own domain name and website, but now it’s so easy to purchase and maintain a website that many people are doing it. Unlike Britney Spears, who wasn’t able to register her son’s name as a domain name because a cyber-squatter (yes that is what they are really called) registered it before her, I wanted to make sure and purchase a domain for my son before it was too late. I purchased a few variations of his name when he was born, and created an online birth announcement for all our friends and family to see!

I update it periodically with new photos, birthday information, milestones, funny stories, etc. for our family and friends to read. I also created his own permanent email address and gave it to close friends and family to write him emails through the years so he will have them to read when he is older.

Not only is purchasing a domain for your own children a great idea, but buying a domain name for a new baby makes a unique gift for new parents. Not only does it reserve the baby’s own special place on the web for future use (when they are famous!) but the parents are able to make use of it now.

Here are my top 5 reasons to purchase an internet domain today:
1. Permanent email address – no more changing email addresses when you change internet companies or using generic ones like hotmail or yahoo.
2. You can create your website, blog, etc. without limitations.
3. The domain name may grow in importance throughout life – it will definitely benefit the owner when they become famous!
4. It may not be available in the future – domain names are selling fast.
5. When you purchase your domain name thru GiveAurl.com it comes with a ton of free stuff to start out with!

If you’re looking to give someone a domain name as a gift, remember that GiveAurl.com is the only place on the web that has packaged domain names as a gift. If you buy a domain name elsewhere, the purchaser needs to set up an account and provide his or her credit card information to the registrar. GiveAurl’s patent pending process keeps it simple for the buyer, and has several packages set up to give the recipient a tangible keepsake.

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