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Power of the Open Road – HOG Style

GAM1682draft3_400For the thousands of Harley lovers who are converging on Milwaukee this weekend, it’s not just the power of the open road calling to them. It’s those ties that are shared with fellow Harley riders. The ones who know what it’s like to ride a Harley. Few brands have managed to harness that level of passion and commitment with their customers. For Harley, it’s not just that you ride a HOG, it’s that you are now part of a club. An almost exclusive membership of people who are riders, owners, and aficionados. How is it that Harley Davidson earns such brand loyalty? (Hint – keep reading to get your code for $30 off a special Harley Gift)

Is it the look of a Harley that draws people in? Powerful. Sleek. The look of raw freedom. Or is it the sound of a Harley? Roaring down the road like it owns it. Could it be that “no limits” feeling of the air against your face when you’re cruising down the road? I can’t say for sure. I do know that here at Leading Edge Gifts, we interact with Harley fans daily. Whether it’s for a Caricature of one of our nation’s vets on a bike, or a Masterpiece customer who is searching for just the right anniversary gift for their spouse, or a son or daughter searching for that perfect gift for the person who has everything, we love the dedication that Harley riders — and their friends and family have to the brand!

Exclusive this weekend. We’re celebrating Harley’s 110th Anniversary with a special coupon code for $30 off of our wildly popular Harley Davidson stock in our Harley Steel frame.  Just enter coupon code HARLEY110 during checkout. Act quick! The sale is only good through Monday, September 3.

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