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Today is


Our Awesome Customer Service

Here at Leading Edge Gifts, we’ve always prided ourselves on our awesome customer service.  Obviously our customer’s feel the same way!  Here is a terrific testimonial we got today from a customer on our GiveAcaricature.com site:

Name: Cherie J.
Email: ****@yahoo.com
Order#: 8502
All customer service should be this fantastic. Give A Caricature is a model on how all companies should run. I absolutely love the final product. The artist was not given the greatest photos, but was able to capture each individual perfectly. The final picture is exactly what I wanted. I will recommend this to as many people as possible. Cannot say enough with how pleased I am — Thank you!!!

Here’s another happy customer from earlier this week:

Name: Pam L.
Email: ****@clear.net
Order#: 8479
Awesome customer service…awesome finished product! Love It!

Thanks Cherie & Pam for the nice words, and thanks to our whole team!  Sometimes it’s crazy around here but its worth it when we get responses like this from our customers!  Check out some of our other customer testimonials.

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