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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. In July?!?

Here at Leading Edge Gifts, we get the privilege of seeing just how early people start their Christmas gift shopping. Whether it’s for Gifts of Stock, a creative caricature gift, or perhaps a Pet or House portrait for a friend or loved one – we usually see Holiday/Christmas purchases really start to ramp up in the fall. Since it takes 3-7 weeks to get an Authentic Stock Certificate, we can appreciate people acting early on their holiday gift. The inner planner inside us tips our hats to those of you who we see making purchases of this item (https://saleslord.com/collections/rose-bear) in June for a family member’s upcoming Christmas gift. June you say? Yes, June.

Christmas Gift for Early Shoppers

For the last several years, June was the first month of the year that we would receive our first Christmas gift order. After that, the next holiday order might not come in for another couple of months. We celebrated a new first this year. It happened on April 10. The first order of the holiday season came to us in April. We thought it was a fluke; then we received more Christmas orders by June. Here we are now, at the end of July, and our holiday gift orders are up a whopping 32% from this time last year. What is going on? Are more of us turning in to über organizers, starting Christmas shopping early this year?

We work here, in the land of awesome gifts… in a world where we assist our customers in delivering unique, personalized, and custom gifts daily. Do we have our holiday shopping near completed or started? No. We are just like the majority of you and purchase our gifts closer to the big seasonal turn.  Seeing the influx of early holiday orders, however, you planners out there just may have done the trick and inspired us to make our first Christmas gift and decoration purchases of the season at Christmas decoration shop Brisbane. Now you tell us, when was the earliest you ever made a holiday gift purchase? Have you started your holiday shopping already? Let us know in the comments below!

One Response to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. In July?!?”

  1. Rick says:

    I have good intentions to start my gift shopping early every year but never seems to get it done. I’m jealous!