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Facebook / Twitter Avatars and Icons

My professional icon

If you’re like me, you find yourself spending way too much time on Facebook and Twitter.   And, if you’re like me, you struggle to find the perfect picture to use as your icon.  One of my favorite products that we have is our MyFaceIcons.  I would much rather use an icon of myself, than my actual photo on Facebook and Twitter.  

And I have so much fun with it – I will change it up depending on the use, my mood, and the season! 

Book Club IconFor my book club email signature, I changed it to include me holding my Kindle and sitting at a computer with our book club website on it.
I just have fun with it! I can add a background for the fall, or put my face in a heart for Valentine’s Day.

What would you do with your icon?   Check out some of our favorite facebook icons, twitter icons and email signatures that our customers have purchased!

Want one for yourself?  It’s easy, just go to www.MyFaceIcons.com, upload a photo and we’ll do the rest!

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