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Email Signatures That Stop ‘Em In Their Tracks

One of the most underutilized and FREE ways to brand and promote a business is your email signature. Considering the number of emails you send, this aught to be a no-brainer.

Not just any signature will do. People need to look at it for it to be effective. That’s where our  www.MyFaceIcons.com site comes in.   Our talented artists draw custom cartoon icons from a photo that can be used for email signatures, social media icons, business stationary, websites, marketing collateral, business cards

Did you know that cartoons are 8X more likely to get noticed and 17X more likely to be remembered than photos? This applies whether it is an email signature, business card, or any piece of marketing collateral.

My email signature 🙂

One Response to “Email Signatures That Stop ‘Em In Their Tracks”

  1. Linda says:

    I never gave this much thought but I really like this idea. Will be looking into this as I can see where it will make me much more likely to be remembered.