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Today is


Caricature of the Month!

I know I am a little late on October’s Caricature of the Month post but I still wanted to share with you one of my favorites.  The artwork was done for a wedding party and the bride wanted to show her and the bridesmaids floating down the river in inner tubes in their wedding attire.

Wedding Party CaricatureI have to say, this is one of my favorite wedding party caricatures!  I love how the artist incorporated the reflections in the water, such attention to detail. Check out some of our other bridesmaids gift ideas!

One Response to “Caricature of the Month!”

  1. susy says:

    My sister is getting married next summer and we were just talking about what to do for the bridesmaid gifts. I’m for sure going to tell her about this, I think it’s such a cool idea!