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Today is


Caricature of the Month!

It’s October, so of course this month’s caricature has to have a Halloween theme! This great 50th anniversary gift was made for one of the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers!
Halloween Caricature


Review from the customer:  Awesome to work with and likeness is amazing!
Background: Garage interior with his golf club & sporting clay shotguns in the background behind him.  Scene behind her would be clothing rack, Saks Fifth Avenue bags, Halloween decorations strewn about.

Scene Description: He will have a smirking expression, like Okay I’ll help clean out the garage.  She smiling will have decoration in hand, Saks bag on her arm, sparkling ring & necklace, she’ll look great & he can look a bit disheveled.  Thought bubble for him either golf or shooting action, thought bubble for her…shopping, trying on shoes, or in a bathrobe watching FOX.  Must have Pittsburgh Steeler logo on the left breast side of his shirt. they own the steelers, so anything black gold is great especially clothing)

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