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Today is


Caricature of the Month!

One of my favorite caricatures this past month was for a 1st Anniversary Gift. Their scene description was:

Background: Picnic in a park, sitting on a blanket with a wicker picnic basket and a lake behind them with ducks swimming. There are ducks near the blanket looking for food.
Person Specific: The man wearing an aikido uniform with iphone in one hand showing a basketball game. The woman wearing traditional Pakistani clothing (as seen in picture) holding a travel brochure.

Anniversary Caricature

How cute – I love the colors in this one!!! A caricature makes a great “Paper” Anniversary Gift!

2 Responses to “Caricature of the Month!”

  1. Farid Kerba says:

    Dear Sirs, I would like to know the name of the painter designer who draw this piece I might ask him for illustrating me…

    Thank u
    F K

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi Farid,
    You can place an order on our website: http://www.GiveAcaricature.com to have artwork done by this artist.

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