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Today is


And the Winner Is…

The winners for the top gifts being given from our our top 3 websites are…


1. From GiveAshare.com

Winning by a landslide, is a share of Disney stock. In October of last year, Disney decided to retire their paper certificates. They announced they will be issuing new “Certificates of Acquisition” soon. In the meantime, shareholders can still purchase Disney stock from GiveAshare and gift a framed, personalized replica certificate. A wonderful gift for any Disney fan, both young and old.

2. From GiveAcaricature.com

More and more people are retiring from the workforce or moving on to new horizons. Retirement and “Farewell” caricatures have been on the rise. Our Caricature artist is the best in the business at capturing a person’s likeness and creating a memorable, personalized, and fun piece of art that has been the hit of hundreds of retirement and good-bye parties. Whole retirement parties have been planned around our caricatures. We thank everyone who has placed their trust in us!

3. From GiveAmasterpiece.com

It was a close call between House Portraits and Pet Portraits, but our furry four-legged friends eked out a narrow win over the homes.  Our homes and our pets are both held near and dear to our hearts, but who doesn’t love a brilliant piece of art made from a photo of our pet? Many of our customers this past year chose a Pet Portrait as a memorial piece for their departed pet. Canvas, framed and matted, or even just a digital image for your computer is a great way to capture a loved dog or cat forever more.

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