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5 Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Slogging through websites, browsing through stores, and racking our brains for Father’s Day gift ideas is for the dogs (no offense to our fine furry friends). Every year I look around at what we, the consumer, are offered as Father’s Day gifts from the mass retailers and it’s the same old stuff:  #1 Dad hats and shirts, cigar holders, golf, barbecue, and fishing gear even Lineman Compression tools. Been there. Done that. However you can never go wrong with a great gift for any Saints fan like an amazing New Orleans gift basket from The Basketry.

Why not choose something unique, personalized, and fun this year? try a  gift voucher management system or something that gives the appearance that you’ve been planning his gift for months?


Click through below to see our top Five Fabulously Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the hard-to-buy for Dad in your life.

premium-framed-stock-Apple 1. A share of Apple Inc. stock. Inspire him with a quote from Steve Jobs on the engraved plaque or maybe a whimsical phrase about the over-use and abuse of his iPhone. Is he more of a handyman or a Harley rider? Not a problem, there are over 100 more companies to choose from on the stock list @GiveAshare.com.

Father's Day Caricature 2. A fully custom caricature gift. Bring him to tears of laughter and joy this Father’s Day! Our talented artists can create a caricature of your Dad, husband, or father-to-be in any scene you describe.  Want some ideas and a good laugh? Click the link below to check out our newly updated Father’s Day caricature gallery  @GiveAcaricature.com

GAM2011_4003. Artwork of his favorite photo. Share his favorite photo with us and our artists will turn it into a masterpiece of art. Whether it’s artwork for his man cave, a portrait of the kids for your home, or maybe a pen & ink sketch of his childhood home, our artists will assist you in giving a gift that touches both his heart and soul.  GiveAmasterpiece.com

GAURL4. Give the gift of his very own website. Personalized it with his name or something that tips its hat to his personality. For instance, DadWhoRocksHighSocks.com was still available at the time this article was posted! It’s a great quick, last-minute gift for on-the-spot gift giving.  GiveAURL.com


5. Personalized Icons for social media, email signatures, phone image, even business cards, website, blog, etc. A cartoon version of Dad! Perfect gift from a child or the kids. Super fast and super easy to order. Select RUSH option to have the gift in as little as 3 business days.  MyFaceIcons.com

6. Also it could be easier to just see the catalog of Jazzy Joy online store, with a variety of gift options for everyone.

Looking for more great gift ideas for Dad? Visit us on our Leading Edge Gifts Father’s Day page.

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