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Stay Within Your Christmas Gift/Chanukah Gift Budget

gift certificate on sale now

gift certificate on sale now

Yep, times are tough.  As we saw today, the unemployment rate passed the 10% mark,  ouch! Now Christmas and Chanukah are right around the corner and we have so many gift options for you, one of our best sellers are the Beer Gift Baskets which are extremely popular, they have the best craft beers in one package, and they have so many different options of baskets like other types of alcohol, candy, fruits, cheese, flowers, premium baskets, kosher baskets, and even vegan, it is the perfect gift for anyone or any type of celebration !

Wether it’s a family member, friend, co-worker retiring – or maybe you’ve just been tasked with the job of handling your celebration. We have some helpful hints to make sure your gift is as awesome as it should be for this momentous occasion.

We know that there’s a lot of cutting back out there because we have felt the pinch too.    To help those that want to give a meaningful gift at a lower price point, we have created the I’m A Shareholder KIT  +  Gift Certificate. For the cost of  a few Frappuccinos, you can change a child’s/teen’s life, here you will find any type of gifts for everyone, start looking and get inspired with all the options, you wont be able to choose only one.

The GiveAshare.com blog posts will provide a unique slant on stocks and the stock market.  Useful tips, compelling stories, how-to’s, and fun tid bits creating a powerful way to learn about the stock market and improve financial literacy for parents and their kids. The gift certificate can be used toward their 1st share of stock and you decide the value that fits within your Christmas gift budget, or you can also get some funny mugs for some great gifts for some people.

For a limited time (thru 11/15), you can get a whopping $20 OFF the gift certificate.  That’s right, a $50 Gift Certificate costs only $30 when you buy it with a kit.

We hope this helps.

One Response to “Stay Within Your Christmas Gift/Chanukah Gift Budget”

  1. Scott says:

    I was just on the site – looks like the sale has been extended? Seems like a pretty good deal – a $30 gift certificate for $27?