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Today is


New Stock Gifts Blog

Check out our new blog at www.GiveAshare.com/blog


The GiveAshare.com blog posts will provide a unique slant on stocks and the stock market.  Useful tips, compelling stories, how-to’s, and fun tid bits creating a powerful way to learn about the stock market and improve financial literacy for parents and their kids. 

From the founder of GiveAshare.com and author of the I’m A Shareholder KIT.

2 Responses to “New Stock Gifts Blog”

  1. Jamie says:

    When does the GiveACaricature.com blog start!?!?! (p.s. it’s great that you’re using the GiveAShare blog to help improve financial literacy! Keep up the good work)

  2. Leslie says:

    Jamie – thanks for the comment.

    We’re going to wait and see how the GiveAshare blog does before we start a seperate one for GiveAcaricature. But its certainly something we’ve thought about!

    You can also follow GiveAshare.com on twitter at http://twitter.com/giveashare.