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Hooray! Berkshire Hathaway Stock Split Approved

Berkshire Hathaway stock certificate

Berkshire Hathaway stock certificate

January 20, 2010,

Today, shareholders approved the 50 for 1 stock split of Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares,  just as expected. Beginning tomorrow (Jan 21) the shares should be trading on the NYSE at the split-adjusted price.

This is terrific for those “little people” who wanted to buy a part of Warren Buffett’s company but could not afford the $3000-$4000 price tag.

For those who have bought Berkshire Hathaway from us, we will be submitting the registration paperwork this week.  For those who want to get a share, you may want to consider it soon.  Various articles suggest that the split sets the stage for Berkshire Hathaway to become part of the S&P 500.

Find out more about the Berkshire Hathaway stock split at Yahoo Finance.

2 Responses to “Hooray! Berkshire Hathaway Stock Split Approved”

  1. Sandy says:

    That’s exciting news! I can’t wait to get my share.

  2. Katie says:

    Yay – I am happy to hear that! Thanks for the update! I will be patiently awaiting the arrival of my certificate!