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Gotta Know When To Cash In – Fun Poker Gift Going Away!


Just like in poker, you’ve gotta know when to cash it in. A share of World Poker Tour Enterprises (WPTE) has been a favorite gift for groomsmen and poker fanatics for a couple of years now, and many people enjoy it playing online with sites as poker.com becoming really popular, and some people like even more than poker and play other casino games online using a virgin casino promo code specially for this. While playing poker, one must be careful about the poker set and chips being used in the game, all the information of which can be found in https://sixofthebest.co/best-poker-chips-set/. It is important to stay enlightened about a game as risky as poker, lest a lot could be at stake.

WPTE  shareholders are voting on a proposal to sell just about everything to British on-line gaming group PartyGaming for about $12M. It looks like management and shareholders “held their hand” too long when you consider that poker legend Doyle Brunson offered $700M back in 2005.

The company is then planning to change it’s name to Ante4 so the cool World Poker Tour stock certificates will no longer be issued. Collectable memorabilia is already being horded into showcases like the one shown on www.boomtownbingo.com/history-emirates-stadium/ , in fact many places are hording all the WPTE collectors items in wake of this news, increasing the collectible value of those in circulation.

For those wanting to get a share as a collectible before they go away, GiveAshare.com is offering a coupon for $20 OFF one share of World Poker Tour stock exclusive to gift bloggers – use coupon code “wpte20”.

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