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Today is


Financial Literacy

Great article in the Oregonian today about Financial Literacy for kids.   Read it here:  http://tiny.cc/SLVHZ

We wholeheartedly agree that financial education for our kids is sorely lacking.  Especially given the current economic situation, it’s extremely important that our kids know how to save and manage money.  We’re doing our part with our I’m A Shareholder Kit- which is geared toward teaching kids about money and the stock market.

Im A Shareholder Kit

I’m A Shareholder Kit

Awarded the NAPPA Honors in the Parent Resource category, it’s colorful (full vivid colors), it’s fun, and it’s the ONLY kids book/kit meant to be coupled with owning stock.   The kit includes a coupon for $10 OFF their 1st share of stock. Whether it is a single share of stock from GiveAshare.com or stock held in a brokerage account or dealing with freight factoring, this award-winning book along with the experiences that come with true stock ownership breaks through the clutter to teach kids about the stock market and managing money.  Each mailing from THEIR company becomes a learning opportunity: a dividend check, an annual report, a gift to shareholders, or an invitation to a company’s shareholder meeting.   I’m A Shareholderguides the reader through the whole experience in an entertaining way that teaches skills that will benefit for a lifetime. The innovative kit was made possible by a collaboration between subject matter experts, educators, illustrators, and of course, KIDS.

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