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Today is


Bosses Day is just around the corner…

Bosses Day is coming up on October 16th.  As a boss myself, the best thing my employees can do for me is to continue to be responsible, dependable and efficient.  I don’t expect any type of gift on October 16th.  However, there are many people who do feel the need to get their boss a gift. 

Here are some pointers for employees who plan on giving a gift for boss day:

  1. Make it a group gift, this makes it much less personal and makes you look less like a brown noser.
  2. Keep it light or humorous – nothing too personal.  A gift that’s too personal has the potential of embarrassing your boss.
  3. Be Creative!  What better way to demonstrate your (and your co-workers) crativitiy than by coming up with a unique gift idea.

We have some great gifts that will satisfy all of the above.  Here are a few:

A caricature of your boss – truly creative, personal (but not too personal) and makes a great group gift.  Just upload a photo to www.giveacaricature.com of your boss, describe the scene, and your good to go! 

We’ll have a caricature done within about a week (allow two – three weeks from the time you order to accommodate framing, and shipping).

Or how about a share of stock in a company your boss loves.  MicroSoft or Berkshire Hathaway is a great choice for a boss, but we have over 100 stocks to choose from at www.GiveAshare.com – so be creative!  Does you boss drink coffee?  A share of Starbucks is a good choice.  Or is he or she a sports fan?  How about a share of Madison Square Gardens?  Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a winner with your boss!

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