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Another Icon Biting the Dust

Playboy stock certificate

Playboy stock certificate

Hef wants Playboy.  On July 12th, Hugh Hefner made an offer to buy the 30% of  Playboy Enterprises shares he doesn’t already own and take the company private.  He offered $5.50 a share and then four days later, the owner of Penthouse joined the fray with a higher offer.

Leslie Roman, founder of  GiveAshare.com says that “in either case, Playboy will no longer be a publicly traded company so people will not be able to buyshares once the transaction occurs” .   GiveAshare.com  offers true ownership of one share of Playboy stock as a unique gift.  “Playboy stock is one of our most popular stocks  for grooms buying gifts for their groomsmen and for wives giving an anniversary gift to their husbands. ”

Playboy stock certificates have always been popular collectibles stemming from the days that a naked Willy Rey, Miss February 1971,  graced the vignette of the stock certificate.   This risque version of the stock certificate was later changed to a version with more clothes but the original collectible is still available at Scripophily.com for $395.    The current version of the Playboy stock certificate still has Hugh Hefner’s printed signature which adds to the value.

We will keep you up to date on any developments but in the meantime, you better buy a share of Playboy stock while you still can.

2 Responses to “Another Icon Biting the Dust”

  1. Leslie says:

    More information about Playboy can be found on our new blog at http://www.giveashare.com/blog – check it out!

  2. Lindsay Kinnier says:

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