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Today is


It’s Marvel-ous to be part of Disney!

Marvel stock exchange for Disney stock

Marvel stock exchange for Disney stock

Well, like all Marvel shareholders, I received my paperwork for the exchange of Marvel Entertainment shares for Disney shares now that the merger has come to fruition.    Marvel shareholders get $30 cash and .7452 shares of Disney stock for each share of Marvel.  Darn, I was expecting .7453 shares 🙂

I love Disney, but I hate to give up my Marvel stock certificate.  I want to save it as a momento, a collectible representing this iconic company’s contributions to comics and movies.  The paperwork says that I must surrender the stock certificate if I want the proceeds so my dilemma is whether it is worth it or not.

One interesting note is section H of the form which covers Marvel certificates that have been lost.  In that case you can still get the proceeds by filling out this section.  Normally, you have to pay a bond (insurance) for lost certificates but if you own fewer than 56, it is waived.  My guess is that there are some who keep their certificates as collectibles and report them as lost which is what a lot of people did when Pixar merged into Disney.

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