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Masterpiece of the Month — Olympic Inspiration

Obama Style

Every four years it happens:  the post-Olympic let-down. The games are over, closing ceremonies have come to an end, and the athletes are headed home. Just like Christmas, it can’t go on forever. Each time at the end, I’m surprised at just how much I miss seeing that daily Thrill of Victory or Agony of Defeat.

Perseverance. Determination. Strength. Power. Domination. Greatness. All  of these qualities are embodied in our Olympic athletes… and, if you ask my husband, our 6-year old son who is starting soccer this fall.

The Olympics are a great platform for inspiring the best in today’s youth. Whether it’s at football practice, soccer drills, gymnastics classes, or starting a new year at college, we can help our children be inspired to be the best they can be. A great way to get them engaged and remind them of their greatness is through using their own image. Decorate their dorm room, play room, or the family room with artwork that both inspires them and connects with them. GiveAmasterpiece offers an artwork style that fits that very purpose:  Obama-style. Pick a photo of the person you’d like to be featured in the art and then select one or two words to use in the artwork. Usually inspiring words work the best (“DETERMINATION” comes off better than “STUBBORN” for instance).

Be creative. Be funny. Be inspirational.

If you could use just one or two words to describe and inspire your children, what would YOU choose?

One Response to “Masterpiece of the Month — Olympic Inspiration”

  1. Rick Roman says:

    The article itself is inspiring.