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Today is


Masterpiece of the Month – Baby Love!

One of the best perks about working here at GiveAmasterpiece is that every year around Mother’s Day, we are inundated with requests for baby artwork. Seeing those baby photos are like warm, fuzzy, happy bumps in our day! The artist for this edition’s Masterpiece of the Month incorporated a couple of custom features in the artwork and time they even had baby hampers for decoration.


Keep reading to find what special artistic touches were used when crafting this amazing artwork gift from a photo.

First – in place of the standard single-tone Oil Brushstrokes background, the artist used the baby’s pink blanket as part of the lower half of the background and then transitioned up to a complimentary background color. Notice how the gray helps the baby’s eye color to “pop” from the canvas and really draws you in to make eye contact with her.

Second, the artist employed the use of a highlighted brush style throughout the artwork – giving an overall bright and cheery feel, matching the baby’s adorable expression, you might want to Buy nappy cakes online for them. Take special notice of the use of highlights on the headband, dress frill, and pearls. The shading on the blanket from the left to right sides of the artwork also further draws you in to the baby’s face.

Need a quick “baby fix”?  I encourage you to click-through to view our gallery of more adorable baby artwork here:  Babies! Also, we don’t want to leave out all the cute kids artwork requests we get for Mother’s Day as well. See those here:  Cute Kids! and their Families! As we like to say around here, “No words can truly express how we feel about Mom on Mother’s Day… so say it with a picture!”

One Response to “Masterpiece of the Month – Baby Love!”

  1. Rick says:

    That is one cute kid!

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