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Today is


Masterpiece of the Month

Who’s ready for Spring? Judging by the growing trend of requests we are seeing for House Portraits, it looks like many of you are more than ready to send Winter’s bags packing. Customers are submitting photos for Watercolor House Portraits that show snow on the roof, brown grass on the lawn, trees that are barren, etc.  Our artists are being asked to remove the snow, green up the grass, and add leaves to the trees. As you can see, the results have been AMAZING! Want to see more examples? Keep reading…

Watercolor Spring House Portrait

An Amazing Gift Idea for New Homeowners

Our artist’s preference of course, is to get a photo that shows the house exactly as you would like to have it depicted in the artwork. Sometimes, that isn’t always possible. Let’s say the photo you have shows the house done up in Christmas Decorations (wreaths, for instance), but you want the house drawn without the winter accents. Not a problem! In the special instructions, just let our artist know that you’d like the wreaths removed and voila! Your artwork will be created without them. It’s just that easy to bring a little Spring to your home.

Want to see more examples of our artist’s handiwork? Click here.

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