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Today is


Masterpiece of the Month

Scientists have been working on developing a device that will read our dogs’ minds, something of a translator for us so that we can find out just what they are thinking. Researchers in Scandinavia have constructed a helmet of sorts that you can put on your dog and based off of certain brain wave patterns, it will translate some basic phrases like, “I am hungry.”

Pet Portrait - Oil

A Fine Specimen of Canine Companionship

Now, I don’t know about you, but unless my dog has something truly meaningful to communicate with me, I’m not so sure I need a helmet to translate his thoughts. Oftentimes, just by looking at our dogs and knowing their personalities, we can pretty much read their minds just by glancing at the look on their faces. We once had a beagle who was a 40 pound sniffing machine. I’m fairly certain if he had the ability to voice his thoughts it would have been, “Food.”  “Food?” “Food!” “Fooood!?!” All. Day. Long. He was bred for tracking and his cognitive abilities were all geared towards maximizing his sense of smell. He wasn’t the brightest dog, but he was a virtual genius when it came to anything food-related.

At GiveAmasterpiece, we are delighted to get a good glimpse into your pet’s personality each time a photo is submitted:  playful, regal, likes to be babied, man’s best friend, etc… The best part about about pictures is that they can capture so much of our furry friends’ character in just one click. Creating artwork from your photo is a fantastic way for you to always recall that moment in time or that look from them that is symbolic of who they are – or were – in the case of puppy and kitten photos.

In the portrait above, our customer selected a regal pose for their dog and chose the Oil Brushstrokes Style, which was an outstanding compliment for this image. Had the photo been a close-up of the face, in a more playful pose, the Lichtenstein Style or Obama Style would have been a great match. Pencil sketches are great for any pose and perfect for images that have nuanced details that can be conveyed and Watercolors are great for photos that have strong splashes of color that can be featured and highlighted. We like that they chose an artwork style that was quite befitting of the love and respect they have for the dog!

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