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Today is


Masterpiece of the Month

The seasonal change to summer marks the beginning of a period of celebration of love. June has more weddings and anniversaries than any other time of year. For those looking for a special, unique, and memorable gift to give we highly suggest the Oil Brushstrokes style – done in black and white.

Couple Captured in B&W

The Oil Style, done in black and white, gives a stunning view of the couple that truly allows for their love and personalities to shine through to the viewer, without the distraction of color. It is an underutilized style that makes a handsome gift. We offer both Ornate Gold and Antique (silver tone) frames to display your artwork. To further enhance the oil feel of the artwork, select the Giclée print on canvas in your choice of sizes that range from an 8″x10″ to a statement-making piece of 40″x60″.

It has been said that looking at art can create the same pleasurable chemical releases that we get when we’re in love. Let our artists help you to re-create that feeling – all  from just a single photo. Just tell us that you want the artwork done in black and white and we’ll take care of the rest!

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