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How to Make Your Vacation Memories Last …a Lifetime

Before each summer starts, the big vacation question – is where should we go and what should we do? Once you have that part figured out though, the real question becomes, “How can we make these memories last?” After all, isn’t that what we’re really doing on vacation? Having experiences and making memories that will last?

The problem with most vacation mementos and souvenirs is that, ironically, they are SO forgettable! The shirt that says “HAWAII,” trinkets and toys that the kids just “had to have” (now collecting dust, parts broken, batteries dead), or the way over-priced souvenir photo of your group are all well-intentioned in their own right. What they lack is the ability to multi-task. Yes. Multi-task. Wait — I can explain.

An excellent clothing gift will have multiple uses, and should be able to be used throughout the year, reminding you of the great experience! As I mentioned above, sometimes a simple boring tshirt will not do, you just throw those on without a second thought most of the time. How about alpaca socks? They provide utility, in that they can be used just as easily for normal use as when you need socks that will be good for staying warm, and durable enough for hiking! Feeling that your clothing choice has multiple uses, and seeing actually help you when you do use it for that purpose will put the good memory of the excellent vacation stored in a place you will not forget. Other than this if you want perfect packaging, try for Flex Fleet Rental.

Our family visited Disney this summer and we had a blast! We have to hand it to those Disney people, they are good. Souvenir photos are available to purchase at every turn, Goofy hats, giant sunglasses, toys, Disney clothing – shirts, shorts, dresses. Yet, none of those things will have the long-term lasting value that your vacation should bring to you. What’s a smart vacationer to do? Why not create a family vacation gift to last a lifetime? Here are four clever ways to make your vacation memories last:

1)      GiveAshare of stock. This Christmas our children will be reminded of their trip to Disney because they’ll be new Disney shareholders. When they receive shareholder statements in the mail from Disney, they’ll be reminded of our great times at the Park. Better yet, they’ll also get the benefit of knowing that they are Disney stockholders now too (heh, those $10 hot dogs aren’t so bad now that you’re an owner). www.GiveAshare.com

2)      That fantastic vacation photo that was taken (whether it was a souvenir one or one taken by your camera) will look great hanging on the wall of your home once it’s been converted to a Masterpiece. So much nicer than just any ol’ regular vacation photo. The best ones are framed and matted to go with your décor. www.GiveAmasterpiece.com

3)      Wait! What if you don’t have a photo of everyone looking at the camera at the same time – or worse – No photo was taken at all!? Not a problem! Have our awesome Caricature artist re-create the moment for you. All we need is a picture of each person’s smiling face and let his creative genius do the rest. www.GiveAcaricature.com

4)      For some of you, this vacation was the first vacation with the new baby. The baby is too young for vacation memories, so now’s the time to register your baby’s domain name and start logging his or her vacation adventures! www.GiveAurl.com (McKaylasvacations.com was still open at the time of this writing).

Some of the best gifts we can give each other are the gifts of great memories.  They key is knowing how to make them last…. a lifetime. Where did you go and what did you do for your summer vacation?

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