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Great Testimonial for GiveAmasterpiece.com!

I had to share this great testimonial given by a realtor that purchases Pen & Ink House Sketches for client gifts from our website GiveAmasterpiece.com.
Pen and Ink House Sketch

“One particular buyer cried when I gave her the sketch and frame and said it was the most precious gift she has ever received and so thoughtful and that she would always remember her first home and have it for houses to come. All of her family looked at it when they came over and said they wished I was their realtor!

On Friday my other client hugged me and said it was very personal and something they would keep forever and she went in the home and put it up in the kitchen right then. She loved that a local artist sketched it and had never seen anything like it.

I will continue to order these sketches for my first time home buyers for years to come! The customer service is amazing too, Tressie makes sure that every detail is looked at and that you are satisfied with the sketch before it’s printed and has them to me earlier than expected every time.

I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again!”

Jennifer V.

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