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Five Fantastic Pet-Themed Gifts

All of us here at Leading Edge Gifts love pets:  dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, ferrets – you name it! We have had the privilege over the last few weeks of enjoying a guest pooch around the office. She and her cohort have certainly added character to our workplace. Just about daily you can find any one of us sharing a story of  our pets’ (mis)adventures.

In my household, we’re coming up on our dog’s 17th birthday. When we picked her out so many years ago, we never imagined that we’d still have the joy of her being with us almost two decades later. As she’s reached these tender years of her life, it has made us reflect back on the memories we have of her. It is in this spirit that we’d like to share with you 5 Gift ideas for celebrating your pet’s life, congratulating a new pet owner, thanking your pet’s Vet, silly pet gifts, and giving a meaningful gift to someone who has a mature dog, cat, or other pet.

Pet Gift 1:  Pet Portraits. GiveAmasterpiece – Personalized and memorable, pet portraits done by our artists will touch the heart of any pet owner. In just a couple of minutes transform a picture of your pet into the perfect gift of a cherished memory for your loved one. www.GiveAmasterpiece.com

Pet Gift 2: Vet Caricatures done at GiveAcaricature – Do you have a vet that you just can’t thank enough? Give your veterinarian a fun, personalized, and absolutely unique gift – a Caricature! Our talented artist can bring to life any idea you have of  the Vet and your Pet and turn it into art. Give a gift that will never be forgotten. www.GiveAcaricature.com

Pet Gift 3:  GiveAshare of PetSmart stock – Perfect for the new pet owner! As parents, part of the growing-up process for our children is letting them learn how to be more responsible. Whether it is a goldfish, hamster, bird, reptile, bunny, dog or cat help them learn about the economic impact of owning a pet. By giving them a share of PetSmart, Target, or Wal-Mart stock they can learn about how their day-to-day activities tie into a larger, global economy. www.GiveAshare.com

Pet Gift 4:  URL of a Pet’s NameGiveAurl.com offers the unique ability to give a gift of a url with your pet’s name. Does Fred need his own dog blog? Probably not — but what would it be like if he did? What if your daughter’s cat had a website? Would it be all about mice and toys? Catnip? Your pet could have his or her own personalized email address! Think of all the fabulous possibilities…  www.GiveAurl.com

Pet Gift 5: MyFaceIcon of you and your pet. My Mother-in-law LOVES her pet bird. Guess what is on our list to get her this Christmas? An email icon of her with her bird on her shoulder! If you’ve already had your caricature done, you can have the artist pull your icon from your caricature and personalize the icon with your pet. Or why not have your pet converted to an icon for your Facebook or Twitter account – or even your cell phone wallpaper? www.MyFaceIcons.com

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