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Bosses Day Gift Ideas

Bosses Day is October 16th – just around the corner.  If you’re looking for some unique gift ideas, you’re at the right place!  Give your boss a caricature from GiveAcaricature.com – nothing is more personal than this.  You can make it funny, or just capture their personal tastes.  Here are some examples of bosses day caricatures we’ve done in the past:

Cracking the Whip!

Cracking the Whip!

Conference Room

Conference Room

A little less expensive is our MyFaceIcons – another great idea for your boss.  He or she can use the icon for their email signature, facebook page, or any website icon.   Just go to MyFaceIcon.com and upload a photo of your boss, and our talented caricature artist will turn it into a very personal, very unique icon, but when looking for corporate gifts, you want something that will stand out.
Boss Icon

We also suggest a share of stock in their favorite company from GiveAshare.com.  Some of our favorites for Bosses Day are Starbucks, Coke, and Apple, but choose from any of the over 80 companies that we offer.

Starbucks Stock

Starbucks Stock

For a full list of our Bosses Day gift ideas, go to:  http://www.leadingedgegifts.com/uniquegifts/bossesdaygifts.shtml.

4 Responses to “Bosses Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Ira Mann says:

    Those are some great pics. I will have to try them this year. I use to give a gift basket, but this sounds like something different. Thanks.

  2. Francesco says:

    Just another fine example of a great thread.

  3. Bill Penick says:

    Entertaining blog post about unique gifts. I can’t say that I agree with all the points but it was decidedly fascinating! I hope you don’t mind me posting the above link to what is a site relevant to the content of your article. I’m a frequent visitor to your blog.

  4. Argelia Guenthner says:

    nice 🙂