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NEW POLL: Do All World Series Players Deserve a Cool Caricature?

derec jeter caricature

derec jeter caricature

Hey, we are taking a poll at GiveAcaricature.com and would love to get your input.  Instead of drawing one evening a few months ago, Artist Eric was watching the Baseball All-Star game on Fox Sports.  He noticed that for just a handful of players, they put up a graphic showing the player’s stats and his caricature as he was coming up to bat.  Apparently the caricature was so-so and we all scratched our heads as to why only some players were worthy.

Anyway, Eric had a great idea and we all at GiveAcaricature agree that all players in the upcoming World Series are worthy of and deserve a professionally drawn caricature from GiveAcaricature.com  like the one of Derek Jeter shown here.

Let’s face it (no pun intended), for most players most players (not Derek, he’s too good looking) Eric’s caricatures look better than the real thing!  So cast your vote and let us know whether you think ALL World Series players deserve a COOL caricature.

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