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Congratulations Kurt & Lacey!

Earlier this year I had one of the best calls ever!  A woman called that was interested in purchasing a caricature from our GiveAcaricature website and was calling for more information.  She went on to tell me that she had JUST found out she was pregnant and wanted to find a unique way of telling her husband the great news!  I was lucky (and honored) to be one of the first people she told!  Her plan was to have a caricature done that showed her pregnant and to place the artwork on the wall at home for her husband to walk in and see it!  We have been eager to hear how it went and was excited when she emailed us!  She said:


I know it is way past Easter but I just remembered – baby brain is what they call it I guess!  The caricature went over amazing, my husband kept looking at my belly and then me and the caricature, it took him a minute to put it all together.  Then he just smiled and kept saying “really?! really?!!!”  I also sent it to my parents with an email that said hi grandma and grandpa!  They were all screaming and jumping up and down!  It was a really fun way to let everyone in on the big news!  I even asked my 3 year old nephew who was in the picture and he replied ‘Aunt Lacey and Uncle Kurt’.  So you know the faces were right on if a 3 years old can tell!  I am attaching a copy of the baby shower invite, which is adorable also!  I also used it as a ‘we’re expecting’ announcement!

Thank you so much,

Lacey, Kurt and baby


baby shower invite

baby shower invite

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