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Today is


Caricature of the Month! The Beatles Family Portrait

I have said it before ( and I will probably say it again), but this is officially my favorite caricature of all time! I chuckled  when I saw the scene description asking for a chinchilla in a Ringo Starr wig, but I laughed out loud when I saw the finished the artwork!

“I had a great experience with the team there. They responded quickly to my emails and questions. I needed to revise my picture for a few small changes, but the very next day they had it perfected and it looked great! I know my friends will love this wedding gift (^_^) “ – Jonathan M.

Background: I will upload a picture of the beatles playing on stage.  The background can be some cool design or something that you guys think will fit the rest of the picture.

Scene Description:  caricatures playing as The Beatles.  Where the drum says “The Beatles”, I would like it to instead say “The Kischuks”  1 Chinchilla as the Drummer, Ringo Starr.  1 dog as George Harrison playing guitar, A girl Amanda wearing John Lennon’s glasses playing the guitar, and a guy Nick as the bass player Paul McCartney.  I will upload four pictures of each of the Beatles.  I want the dog to have the same hair style and mustache as the George Harrison photo, Amanda to wear the same glasses as John Lennon, Chinchilla to have the same hair and mustache as the Ringo Starr picture, and Nick to have the same hair as the Paul picture, but keep Nick’s natural facial hair.

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