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Today is


Caricature of the Month!

This month I asked the artist for a little help on choosing our Caricature of the Month.  He came back with a few of his favorite recent orders but this one caught my eye as well!  I asked the artist to tell me a little about this order and he said, “I drew the caricature at that angle so I could incorporate all the girls in a non-crowding composition. Notice how there is very little negative space, and your eyes work their way around the sketch without hitting a dead spot.”

I’m definitely not an artist and I don’t know much about “composition” but I think this order is very visually appealing. The colors are beautiful and I love the “Sex and the City” movie poster look to it!

Caricature of the Month
This order was to commemorate a special 30th Birthday – looks like the girls had a great time down in Miami!  Next time can I go?

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