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Today is


Caricature of the Month!

It is so hard to choose just one caricature each month because I see such amazing artwork come thru every day.  But since I have to choose one, I do remember an order in particular that had a cute story behind it so I thought I would share. 

The order was placed as an engagement gift commemorating the day the man proposed to the woman.  He took her on a carriage ride through Central Park on a beautiful sunny Spring New York day and proposed to her while on the carriage.  The customer was hoping to recreate this scenario and this is what our artist came up with:

Caricature engagement gift

Caricature engagement gift

One Response to “Caricature of the Month!”

  1. pam says:

    That’s such a great idea! I’ve actually been looking for a great personable gift for my son and his fiance for their upcoming wedding.

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