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Today is


Caricature of the Month

It’s June, so this month’s caricature has to have a Father’s Day theme! This great Father’s Day Gift was made for one of our customers last year – we didn’t want to ruin any surprises by publishing one from this year!

Father's Day gift

Father’s Day gift

Review from the customer: I gave a description of what the picture should look like and was very nervous as to how the artist would illustrate it…it turned out awesome! I am so pleased with the artists interpretation of my words. He did what I asked and more. I can’t wait to give it to my husband for father’s day! Thank you so much!!
Background: Grassy area with trees here and there (customer uploaded a photo for an example of the background)

Scene Description: 2 Year old son is driving quad for the first time and father is hanging onto the back seat for dear life, as his legs are flying in the air behind him.  Son should be slightly leaning in to the handle bars as though he is racing the Quad – going very fast. 

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