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Today is


Happy Chanukah…and 14 Days till Christmas

Chanukah begins tomorrow, Dec. 11th, and there are only 2 weeks left until Christmas!  We still have lots of possibilities for gifts you can buy from any of our 5 gift websites.  

It’s not quite last minute yet… but check out our last minute gifts at:

We also have Gift Certificates available on all of our websites (immediately available for you to print yourself)

If you need to have something shipped – we are shipping from Portland, OR and Thursday Dec. 17th is the last day for UPS Ground shipping to make it to the East Coast (barring any major weather delays). 

Remember – our customer service is top notch – so if you have a question or are concerned about timing – give us a call!  We’d love to hear from you!  Toll free:  866-291-9918 – we have people here from 9AM – 5PM Mon – Friday Pacific Time.

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