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Category: Pet Portraits

Masterpiece of the Month

Scientists have been working on developing a device that will read our dogs’ minds, something of a translator for us so that we can find out just what they are thinking. Researchers in Scandinavia have constructed a helmet of sorts that you can put on your dog and based off of certain brain wave patterns, […]

Caricature of the Month! The Beatles Family Portrait

I have said it before ( and I will probably say it again), but this is officially my favorite caricature of all time! I chuckled  when I saw the scene description asking for a chinchilla in a Ringo Starr wig, but I laughed out loud when I saw the finished the artwork! “I had a […]

Masterpiece of the Month — Olympic Inspiration

Every four years it happens:  the post-Olympic let-down. The games are over, closing ceremonies have come to an end, and the athletes are headed home. Just like Christmas, it can’t go on forever. Each time at the end, I’m surprised at just how much I miss seeing that daily Thrill of Victory or Agony of […]

Masterpiece of the Month

We just love it when we are invited to create art from pictures of family members. Some of our favorites are the ones of the furry variety! This month we are featuring two masterpieces — Pet Portraits.