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Monthly: 08 2012

How to Make Your Vacation Memories Last …a Lifetime

Before each summer starts, the big vacation question – is where should we go and what should we do? Once you have that part figured out though, the real question becomes, “How can we make these memories last?” After all, isn’t that what we’re really doing on vacation? Having experiences and making memories that will […]

Masterpiece of the Month — Olympic Inspiration

Every four years it happens:  the post-Olympic let-down. The games are over, closing ceremonies have come to an end, and the athletes are headed home. Just like Christmas, it can’t go on forever. Each time at the end, I’m surprised at just how much I miss seeing that daily Thrill of Victory or Agony of […]

Make it Funny!

I love this police officer caricature! The customer asked the artist to make it funny, and he did just that! Background: WESTERN THEME Scene Description: MUSCLED UP POLICE OFFICER WEARING A LARGE COWBOY HAT HAS A  GUN AND BADGE. MAYBE WITH A SILLY LOOKING HORSE THAT HAS TEETH MISSING. THE POLICE OFFICER CAN BE ARRESTING […]