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Monthly: 04 2012

Gifts For Golfers!

Spring is here and the golfers are back on the green!  Custom caricature make perfect birthday gifts for golfers! Background: Golf course. Scene Description: I’d like to show Dave golfing and daydreaming about going on a cruise with his three granddaughters, the older two are in the attached phot and the third can be a […]

Masterpiece of the Month

We just love it when we are invited to create art from pictures of family members. Some of our favorites are the ones of the furry variety! This month we are featuring two masterpieces — Pet Portraits.

Caricature of The Month! Zombie Apocalypse!

This customer wasn’t going to wait another day for the much ballyhooed Zombie Apocalypse,  so she had our artists draw her and her friend’s right in the middle of a Zombie attack! Our fully custom caricatures make the perfect gift for horror, sci-fi, and comic book fans! Background: In a city that looks run down […]

Carroll Shelby 50th Anniversary

Today Carroll Shelby unveiled their 950-hp street-legal Mustang at the New York International Auto Show to mark the 50th Anniversary of Shelby American — now that’s a car with some pop!