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Today is


Monthly: 10 2010

Reserving a spot on the world wide web

Purchasing a domain name is a unique baby gift idea!

Happy Bosses Day

We know that although today is officially Bosses Day – many of you celebrated it yesterday. We had another good year of some great Boss Gift caricatures. Here’s one of my favorites! See more of our Boss Gift caricatures.

Standing out from the crowd

I am a high school senior in the midst of my college applications.   I was struggling to find a unique way to capture the attention of college admissions officers.  How will I stand out amongst the thousands of other applicants? I found my answer at MyFaceIcons.com. I ordered an icon that features my personalized caricature. […]

For All Those Single Girls & Guys…MyFaceIcons.com is Helping My Dating Life!

How MyFaceIcons.com helped my dating life.