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May 2014

5 Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Slogging through websites, browsing through stores, and racking our brains for Father’s Day gift ideas is for the dogs (no offense to our fine furry friends). Every year I look around at what we, the consumer, are offered as Father’s Day gifts from the mass retailers and it’s the same old stuff:  #1 Dad hats and shirts, cigar holders, golf, barbecue, and fishing gear. Been there. Done that. Boring.

Why not choose something unique, personalized, and fun this year? Something that gives the appearance that you’ve been planning his gift for months?


Click through below to see our top Five Fabulously Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the hard-to-buy for Dad in your life.



Apr 2014

Masterpiece of the Month

A picture is worth a thousand words, turned into artwork it’s worth a thousand emotions.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 11, 2014) and there is still time to get a great gift for the moms in your life. Celebrate the women who means the most to you by giving her a gift that shows just how much you appreciate her, the perfect personalized gift - artwork from a photo.

Mother's Day Gift Idea from kids


Mar 2014

Masterpiece of the Month

Traditionally we think of a Pen & Ink home sketch or a House Watercolor to be a good housewarming gift, but in this case, the Realtor gave it as a gift to someone who just sold their home. In this respect, the gift has even more meaning to the recipient because it is a symbol of all of the memories the house holds for their family. The agent knew that the sale of the home was a bittersweet moment for their client and graciously acknowledged it with a gift.


Love it – perfect gift for my client who just sold this home. This will help them remember where their children grew up.


Vanessa L.  Orange, CA


Mar 2014

And the Winner Is…

The winners for the top gifts being given from our our top 3 websites are…

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